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Do You Feel Stuck? Do You Wish You Could Make a Change?

Are you having trouble:

  • finding direction or purpose in your life

  • making important career decisions confidently

  • making sense of your upbringing or dealing with family pressures

  • reconciling painful childhood experiences or past traumas

  • navigating relationships, break-ups and connection in all its forms

  • dealing with the loss of a loved one

  • managing excessive stress, worry, fear, grief, sadness or other symptoms of anxiety and depression?

Navigating life’s challenges can be frustrating and exhausting especially if you’re facing numerous issues all at once. You may find yourself struggling to manage day-to-day life, much less thinking about long term goals. You may find it challenging to find the joy in activities and relationships that once made you feel happy and fulfilled. Maybe a current situation is triggering painful memories and feelings from the past. Maybe you thought for a time you had moved past it and now here it is again, rearing its ugly head, thus you begin to question if you will ever feel normal or happy again. Do you long for the day when you can be empowered and in control of your life and feel lighter and happier?


All of Us Could Use a Helping Hand Sometimes

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People are amazingly resilient and usually we have the ability to manage our own lives, including the difficult times. We do our best to get through the tough times. However, sometimes, we can feel stuck in a cycle where things never improve and never change.

In quiet moments, when we have the time to reflect, we sometimes get a sense that there should be more to life: a purpose or fulfillment that somehow we are not attaining.

At times, we feel stuck and powerless to devise a strategy for change and implement it. Once we have devised a plan, we’re not sure if it truly will make things better. We may even worry that it will make things worse. Whether we lack job satisfaction, intimacy in relationships or the power that is needed to make positive life-changes, we all could use a little help every now and then. Maybe at the very least it would help to have an objective opinion or a supportive presence to help sort it all out.

You ultimately have the power to change the way you interact with the world. With the help of a skilled and compassionate personal counselor, you can identify and change unhelpful behavior patterns, discover your internal strength and develop new, more empowering ways of being that reflect the way you desire to live your life


Counseling Can Transform Your Life

Individual therapy gives you a space to develop greater self-awareness and empower you to clear your mind of any negative thoughts or beliefs that you may hold about yourself. When those self-perceptions no longer have the power to influence your actions and emotions, you can view yourself in a better light, be more confident, less self-critical, able to focus on the present moment to think and behave in ways that are more congruent with the way you want to live your life. Through the process of personal counseling, you can discover your strengths and potential to make positive change in your life.

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In an atmosphere of compassion and respect, I begin our sessions by recognizing that you are the expert in your life. I learn about who you are, what challenges you face and what your personal goals are. We’ll briefly explore past relationships and personal life experiences, including schooling and upbringing, to see how personal histories may be influencing current behaviors, thoughts and beliefs. Although we may touch briefly on a painful memory or traumatic event, I won’t ask that you relive a painful experience.

Instead, we’ll focus on identifying and understanding your intrinsic strengths, resilience and capacity to move forward. In a relatively short time, you can learn from your past, begin to live in the present and take control of all aspects of your life.


Suffering From Anxiety? When You Should Seek Counseling.

When anxiety becomes a daily struggle that makes it difficult to do the things that you need to do in life, it’s time to reach out for help. Are you avoiding engagements that should be fun because of excessive fear and worry? Anxiety can feel overwhelming. When your anxiety has reached a certain level, not only do you worry about anxiety but you also worry about making a scene or embarrassing yourself. When anxiety has gotten intense the focus becomes avoiding those anxious feelings. Thus, anxiety can leave you isolated and lonely.

Together we will use Rapid Resolution Therapy and Memory Reconsolidation to get to the bottom of what is troubling you. We will clear the real triggers that are causing anxiety. The good news is you don’t have to live with anxiety. Anxiety is highly treatable and therapy provides excellent results. See my Anxiety Page for more information by clicking here.


Having Trouble Reconciling a Traumatic Event?

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If you are a survivor of a disturbing event or trauma we begin by recognizing your strength and resilience. Be assured that you will not have to talk in depth about the traumatic event or relive it. Trauma Counseling will clear your mind of the recurring thoughts, emotional reactions and problematic behaviors that are a product of the trauma. I specialize in helping you heal from trauma, so that you can put it in the past where it belongs and move on with your life. See my web page on Trauma click here.

If you are interested in starting a relationship or are planning a career change, we will examine personal strengths, values and preferences to develop actionable strategies to meet your personal goals.

Sometimes you may think that you are lacking in some innate quality or characteristic. You may think that you do not have the ability to move beyond your issues when, in fact, you are intelligent, creative and capable of great change. All you need is support and encouragement to begin the process so that you are able to create a life that includes happiness and fulfillment. By taking that first step and seeking individual counseling, you are investing in the tools, awareness and power to change your life.


Coaching could be helpful but I still have a few concerns…

I don’t want to be in private counseling forever.

Believe it or not, most of my clients can benefit from as little as two to six sessions. I understand that people have neither the time, money nor the desire to be in therapy for the rest of their lives. That’s why I use Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) and Memory Consolidation to help clients overcome challenges quickly and effectively. With the tools and knowledge I offer, you can discover options that you may not have thought of before and make lasting changes. Think how phenomenal your life could be if you could focus all your energy on the things you love.

My experience is too painful to talk about.

If you want to talk in depth about a traumatic event or painful past experience, we can certainly explore that together. However, doing so is not required if that is not something you want to do. My approach is to move past those things that cause pain and clear your mind. RRT clears your mind of emotional trauma by following the steps that neuroscientists have proven to be effect and enduring. So you can focus on the life ahead and on the things that have value to you. Your mind is powerful and will move you with ease to allow you to exist fully in the present. The possibility of a rapid resolution to the challenges you face is the wonderful thing about my approach to personal counseling and why it can be so effective and painless.

I worry about the cost of counseling or coaching.

I understand that counseling requires an investment, but living in the past and fearing the future is likely costing you so much more. Settling for the way things are can rob your life of pleasure and purpose, creating roadblocks to true happiness, fulfilling relationships and the realization of your potential. In very little time, with a limited investment, you can get your career, marriage and dreams back on track—and apply your newfound energies to future possibilities without exhausting time and energy.


Let Me Help You with the Heavy Lifting

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If you are going through a tough time and need help navigating life’s challenges, I can help. Call me today. Life is short. Why not be happy?

I invite you to set up your free 30 minute phone consult. Contact me by clicking here.

I would be honored to talk about any concerns or questions you may have about how individual counseling can help you.

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