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Are Panic Attacks Preventing You From Fully Living Your Life?

  • Have you ever believed that you were having a heart attack, only to find out it was a panic attack?

  • Do you often experience an overwhelming feeling of distress that includes chest pains, flushed skin, a racing heart, hyperventilation or difficulty breathing accompanied by extreme anxiety?

  • Perhaps the sensations are so strong that you feel like you are going to die.

  • Do you sometimes feel as though you are losing your mind or are no longer in control of your body, like a stranger in your own skin?

  • Are you living in fear of the next panic attack, worrying that it will strike in a busy place or completely embarrass you in front of friends and family?

  • Maybe you are able to recognize when a panic attack is coming on but are unable to prevent it or the overwhelming feelings and body sensations.

  • Do you sometimes worry that thoughts or fears of another panic attack can actually trigger a panic attack for you?

  • Perhaps this is something you’ve struggled with just recently or for a long time?

If these questions sound strikingly familiar, then panic disorder has likely impacted your life, your relationships, career and social life. If your panic has become debilitating, to the point that you are isolating for fear of embarrassment, it’s time to seek help.  I can offer you a way to engage in life more fully and clear your mind of the anxiety and panic so you can feel like your old self again.


Panic Is More Common Than You Think

If you suffer from panic attacks, you are not alone. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 2.7 percent of the US adult population has had a panic disorder in the last year. It’s estimated that 4.7 percent of the population will develop a panic disorder at some point in their lives.

Everyone worries; it’s just a natural part of life. But having a panic disorder or a history of panic attacks entails much, much more than just worrying. While panic disorders share some similarities with anxiety, panic attacks have some unique characteristics.

Unlike anxiety attacks, panic attacks can manifest out of nowhere, for no reason, and last anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour. These episodes create intense and overwhelming physical sensations that can be terrifying and even debilitating. The reason: Your mind is in Fight or Flight mode.

The good news is that help is available. You don’t have to do this alone. With the guidance and expertise of a skilled and compassionate anxiety therapist, you can overcome panic disorder, clear your mind and live with greater freedom and peace of mind.


Panic Attack Treatment Can Liberate You from Fear

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Working with a panic disorder specialist can broaden your self-awareness, giving you greater insight into your experiences and improving overall functioning in social situations, relationships and a lot more.

When you have the opportunity to understand your experience with panic—how and why it manifests—you can clear your mind and eliminate the persistent overwhelming fear of having another attack. Panic attack therapy can help you overcome panic attacks and stop the cycle of dread so you can live your life in the manner you desire.

In a comfortable environment of safety and respect, I’ll begin our initial session together by exploring panic from a psychosomatic perspective. In other words, you’ll come to learn how panic affects your mind and body, and why. With this information and awareness, we’ll take a quick look at your triggers (if any) and how anxiety is affecting your life. Because each client’s experience with panic is unique, my approach is tailored to fit your needs. You will not be required to talk in depth about panic or relive events that caused the panic attack. We never want to re-live the most difficult times, but instead, we want to note them, move past them and clear your mind of them.

The primary treatment method I use, Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), allows us to eliminate the problem at its source. RRT taps into the brain’s natural plasticity to heal itself, rewire memories, and reboot and refresh the mind to be clear of panic attacks. In just a short time, you can overcome your panic and live worry free. Why? Because panic is not part of you. It is just a difficulty that you currently are experiencing. You have resilience and strength and you can clear your mind of panic attacks. You will remember the event but the emotional upset will no longer exist.

I know it may sound incredible, but think of it like this: a grandfather clock works according to a complex process. If you can change or take out one little part, the whole thing ceases to operate. That’s how RRT works. RRT has the wonderful advantage of being able to clear panic attacks, removing the need for medications and hit-or-miss coping mechanisms that may not help enough.

Unlike traditional talk therapy models for treating panic attacks, we don’t have to reopen any old, painful scars by digging through your personal life or analyzing your family history.

With guidance and expertise, it’s possible to end the cycle of suffering and start building a life of intention. Panic attack therapy can free you of this burden so you can experience a life of joy and fulfillment—now and in the future.


You may still have questions and concerns about panic attack treatment:

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I doubt therapy will help me.

I understand your reservations. After all, most anxiety specialists offer management techniques, coping mechanisms or other strategies for minimizing the effects of panic attacks.

RRT is a new age approach that combines recent Neuroscience and therapy to engage the brain to use it’s own plasticity and healing power.  I have specialized training in RRT, which empowers the mind to heal the source of panic at the root.

Your mind is hugely powerful and has the ability to heal itself. I simply walk you through the process to heal painful emotions so they no longer trigger you or have an impact on you in the present. In a very short time, you can experience effective and enduring healing.

I’m worried panic attack treatment will make me feel worse.

I understand that the last thing you want is to feel worse, but healing doesn’t have to be painful. Right now, you are likely hurting. When you’re in pain, it’s natural and wise to seek out help.

Furthermore, RRT therapy won’t last forever. In fact, most of my clients experience welcome relief in two to six sessions. With a little faith and commitment, therapy can help you get your life back and live it the way you have always intended.  

I’ve been to therapy for panic attacks before. Why should I try again?

Because you deserve to be free of panic attacks. If you’ve been to therapy before and it didn’t help, I offer a specialized approach that is gentle and painless and is even backed by recent neuroscience.  

Because this form of therapy targets the cause of panic attacks rather than the symptoms, you don’t have to worry about being stuck in therapy indefinitely. With a small investment of your time and money, you can live without the dread of the next panic attack.


Overcoming Panic Attacks Is Possible

If panic attacks or a panic disorder has become problematic in your life, I invite you to set up a free 20 minute phone consult. Contact me by clicking here.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about RRT or my approach to treating panic disorders.

Life is short. Why not be happy?

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