I had an extremely traumatic experience and for the 10 years that followed, it loomed over me like a dark cloud. When a friend told me about RRT/Memory Reconsolidation, I thought it sounded too good to be true. To my surprise, it was brief and painless. I have my life back! My only regret is that I waited so long.
— CC

I have had years of therapy and I am really struck by the difference between RRT/Memory Reconsolidation and traditional therapy. It is true, I remember the things that happened to me however the emotional upsets that use to accompany the memories just aren’t there anymore. I’ve been released from all of that and it feels so good!
— KK

My childhood wasn’t the best. I knew it affected my self-esteem and my ability to trust people. My RRT session has helped me realize that it’s over and done and doesn’t have to effect the rest of my life. I can move on and look forward to the future.
— CL

When I try to think back to that fateful night, it’s the weirdest thing, my mind goes directly to the the silliness of my RRT/Memory Reconsolidation treatment and I start laughing. It’s like all the intense feelings have been replaced with humor and silliness but best of all it just doesn’t matter at all. Thought I’d never be able to say that.
— BT

I had resigned myself to the fact that therapy was going to be a way of life for me. So excited to say that is not the way it is. I am a believer and am happy to share with everyone that RRT/Memory Reconsolidation has made a big difference in my life and has been the best thing that has happened to me. Feeling lighter, happier and free. Badda Bing!
— DJ

Too funny. As I told Cathy, I really didn’t notice any change, however my wife and kids said that I am completely different: More patient, longer fuse, easier going and happier.
— JJ

Thank you, Cathy for your caring and support after the breakup of my relationship. You helped me recognize my own value and strength. Now I realize I can go on and things can be so much better than before.
— MT


Cathy is a gem. A truly compassionate and grounded therapist with a big heart for her clients. She puts you at ease and points you in the direction you want to go. I felt relief and a positive shift after being with her.
— Celeste Labadie, LMFT

I highly recommend Cathy Austin as a trauma-informed counselor and therapist. I have worked with Cathy for over 5 years. I have sent my family members to Cathy for Rapid Resolution Therapy and the results have been truly remarkable. Cathy caters to her clients with acceptance and understanding; she has a talent for being able to hear, understand, and affect the client’s desired change.
— Catherine Warnock, LPC

As a clinician, I am confident and comfortable referring clients to Cathy, especially for her fine tuned skills in RRT. She brings compassion for clients and quality to the work she does with traumatic experiences. I have known Cathy for several years and know that when I send someone to her, that she is equally kind, caring, and respectful.
— Lori Johnson, M.A, LAC LPC, NCC

I have known Cathy for several years now. She is passionate about helping people. In addition to warmth, professionalism and competence, Cathy brings her own considerable wisdom and life experience to everything she does. I feel confident referring clients to her, particularly for her specialty in RRT, because I know she treats clients with dignity, respect and kindness.
— Eric Blommel, MA, NCC, MFTC