Feeling Like You Spend Too Much Time Trying to Manage Anxiety?

Most of us have experienced anxiety at different times in our lives.  For instance, just before a job interview or speaking in public.  That’s pretty normal.

However if you are living with anxiety that you believe is beyond what most people experience, maybe its time to re-evaluate. Has anxiety become a daily struggle in which you avoid things that cause excessive worry, fear, and dread? It is true, anxiety can be overwhelming. You may worry about embarrassing yourself or making a scene.

    If this is the case, you may be missing out on the things that make life worthwhile because you become so focused on avoiding  those anxious feelings. Thus, anxiety can leave you isolated and lonely.

    Consider these questions:

    • Do you often feel stressed out, worried or nervous?
    • Are you going out of your way to avoid situations that cause anxious feelings?
    • Has your life become more rigid and small because you avoid events and invitations to avoid anxiety?
    • Perhaps you have had a panic attack and you are constantly worrying about it happening again.
    • Do you ruminate or constantly and think about your interactions with others and think about what you should have or could have done differently?
    • Maybe you worry about not accomplishing everything you thought you were suppose to accomplish which makes you feel irritable and moody.
    • Perhaps you are not able to be present in your life in the moment with the people and things that are important to you because your mind is continually racing about everything else.

    When Should You Seek Counseling for Anxiety?

    • When anxiety interferes with daily life
    • You dread nonthreatening day-to-day activities, like riding the bus or talking to a coworker, going to meetings or speaking with a group of people.
    • When anxiety impacts job performance, school work, relationships, and severely limits your life, it is time to seek therapy.
    • Left untreated, anxiety can become worse.

    The good news is that you don’t have to live with anxiety. Anxiety is highly treatable with excellent results.

    "But I Feel Anxious Just Thinking About Therapy..."

    Of course you do! Just thinking about talking to a stranger about a personal issue like anxiety can be overwhelming. So how do you get past it? I suggest we set up a free 30 minute phone consult. That way you can talk to me on the phone and get to know me, ask questions, and then decide if you would like to set up an appointment. I would be delighted to talk with you and discover who you are and what you would like to do with your life once we move past this anxiety thing.


    What Would Anxiety Therapy Be Like?


    The first step is to start with a 2 hour RRT session. Many times there are underlying causes for anxiety.

    Things that have happened in the past that continue to cause feelings and thoughts that are not to your advantage. That is why we begin with the 2 hour RRT session. We clear those things, so that at a subconscious level you are not being triggered.

    The second session is 1.5 hour session- you learn about anxiety -body sensations, fight or flight responses- why they are triggered (in this exercise besides learning a lot, you will laugh- and you will also feel great power over anxiety- and relief). No worries I am right there with you.

    The third session is a session about puppies- and about a guy that is afraid to go out in the rain- (sounds silly but it is all related to anxiety) and it helps you see anxiety in a different way. And then there is a homework assignment- but it’s fun- sort of a game that you play.

    That’s three sessions and we check in to see where you are and how you are doing at that point and what else we need to do from there….If there is anything else that needs to be done.

    I understand that anxiety is unique to each person and the experiences they have had in their lives. Thus the reason why some people need more sessions and some people need less. Either way, we work through it. I am with you every step of the way.

    "I am too Busy to Spend Time in Therapy..."

    Anxiety actually takes up a lot of your time and energy. Think how phenomenal your life could be if you could spend that energy elsewhere on the people and things you love.  Rapid Resolution Therapy is the approach I use for anxiety. It is considered brief therapy- 2 to 6 sessions. Investing in yourself for anxiety therapy may be the greatest step you have taken for a healthier longer life. Wouldn’t it be great to move past anxiety?

    If you experience anxiety you may recognize that your fears and thoughts are unreasonable. However you are unable to eliminate them.

    How Can Anxiety Therapy Help with Friendships and Romantic Relationships?

    It takes a lot of energy to have anxiety. Constant worry and stress over little things, as well as, big things leaves you drained. It’s like a computer program running in the background, draining energy. Think how phenomenal your life could be if you could focus that energy other things that are important to you: Like learning communication skills and being able to express your needs in relationships with your partner, friends and family. You would have the energy to be excited to do the things you may have avoided in the past: dance lessons, kick-boxing, career and all that things that make life more enjoyable.


    "Will I Be Glad I Took a Chance and Did Anxiety Therapy?"


    It will be like taking your life back. You will no longer debate and question whether you should attend events because you no longer worry about anxiety becoming intense. You won’t have to go to counseling once a week for months on end. RRT is brief therapy 2 to 6 sessions. You won’t have to learn coping skills that you have to practice to become proficient. RRT employs the very powerful subconscious mind, which can move you past the things that the conscious mind gets stuck on. RRT is brief but enduring therapy and it is backed by recent neuroscience.

    Anxiety Therapy can help you gain control over anxiety and eliminate the fear of anxiety.

    You are not anxiety.

    Anxiety is not part of you.

    It is just something that is currently happening that you can move beyond.

    Don’t let anxiety limit the things you do with your life.

    You can move past your anxiety and put it behind you.

    You have a life to live.

    Why not be happy?

    Call me for a complimentary 20 minute phone consult. I can help. 303.949.3654

    If and when you are ready to start anxiety therapy, simply, contact me by clicking here.

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