Anxiety: The Thief that Steals Your Life

 Anxiety. Even the word itself conjures up feelings of apprehension. There were times in your life when it had no meaning at all and no impact on you. Or maybe you always had anxiety but just at such low levels that it had no power over you and seemed manageable. As life went on anxiety ebbed its way in, stealing precious time that could be better spent enjoying the people and things that are important. Still it continued and grew, gaining power over you as it went on. Possibly anxiety has become so intrusive and powerful that you are not able to do the things that you need to do for yourself and the people that are important in your life. How do you break free from this thief that seems to be taking over your life? (Read on-find out about how my friend kicked anxiety to the curb).

What is anxiety? How do you manage anxiety? How do you get rid of it completely?

It begins with education.

What is Anxiety?

(Jon Connolly Rapid Resolution Therapy, 2016)

Anxiety can be defined as what occurs when an individual is in an unpleasant state of inner turmoil often accompanied by nervous behavior.

When you perceive a threat, every bodily system immediately changes in order to make you stronger (increased heart rate, rapid breathing, blood flow to the legs and muscles). These bodily changes cause sensations in the body.

Anxiety is what happens, when you feel threatened by the sensations that accompany changes that your bodily systems go through in order to increase strength (for fight or flight situations). This perception of threat leads to a further increase in strength, and thus an increase in sensations.

Anxiety is not the same as fear which is an appropriate response when you  perceive a threat. Conflict comes when the perceived threat is not real or when you are unable to take an action that the body has become stronger for.

I have a personal friend who experienced extreme anxiety. Her symptoms were intense. So much so, that one night a 2 am, in the middle of the night, I found myself driving over to her house to calm her. After it was over, she told me that she didn’t have time to go to therapy once a week FOREVER and ever.  She had responsibilities to herself and to her people. She needed to get over this anxiety thing, kick it to the curb, knock it out, and move on with her life. BOOM!

You want Boom?

Rapid Resolution Therapy rocks. It is a new and innovative approach used to treat anxiety. Rapid Resolution Therapy uses new learning to replace the current emotional learning that is causing unwanted anxiety. New learning always creates new neural circuits. Its even backed by science.

How do you get this new learning?

Do you have to stay up all night and study? No.

Do you have to memorize? No.

You can get it through a Rapid Resolution Therapy session that is part stories, part symbolic imagery and metaphors. It's not hard and it doesn't hurt. Just follow along, your counselor will lead you through it. People have even been known to laugh and have fun.

Rapid Resolution Therapy helped my friend move on from extreme anxiety in only two Rapid Resolution Therapy sessions (not a guarantee in two sessions, each person is different, but true story for her).

She has her life back: No longer bothered by the thief anxiety.

Completed. Done. Over it. BOOM.

Clear your mind. Change your world.