Why Is Rapid Resolution Therapy One of the Best Treatment Options for Trauma Survivors?

“Before 2000, based on nearly a century of research, neuroscientists believed that the brain did not possess the capability of changing an existing, established emotional learning from memory.

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The detection of memory re-consolidation (used in Rapid Resolution Therapy) which is a method of changing emotional learning, was a tremendous breakthrough in our knowledge of learning and memory."

Unlocking the Emotional Brain

By Bruce Ecker, Robin Ticic, & Laurel Hulley

Sometimes memories of events that are disturbing or traumatic can be like an app that gets downloaded into your emotional system.  As the app runs in the background, unknown to you,  it continues to influence you in the present causing you to react or overreact to anything that is similar.

Why do you feel the way you feel?

Emotional learning takes place during distressing times. Any learning that occurs in the presence of strong emotion—such as core beliefs and coping skills formed in the midst of childhood suffering— or even in adulthood-becomes locked in the memory circuits.

The after-effects of trauma tend to result in unwanted behaviors, thoughts, and feelings like depression, anxiety, panic, hyper-vigilance, just to name a few. These patterns and behaviors have a purpose. They are an attempt by your system to control the emotional fallout after a distressing event.

Neuroscience research tells us that the subsequent suffering does not fade with time. It can endure a lifetime. Seeking trauma counseling may be the single most important action you take to make the rest of your life better. The way you want it to be.

Anxiety, panic, depression, traumatic grief can seriously impact the way you live your life if you don’t receive the proper therapy. The worst time in your life can become an emotional wound that you live and re-live and just won’t heal without help.

Trauma May Also Express Itself in the the Body

Trauma can surface as stomach aches, abdominal pain with no physical cause, migraines, intestinal or digestive difficulties. You may have difficulty sleeping, relaxing, or feeling safe. Trauma can affect memory, ability to focus, and  difficulty concentrating.  The effects of trauma can cause intense emotions, unhappiness, loneliness, anger and anxiety, in addition to  extreme emotional fluctuations, and irritability.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Fortunately, if you’ve survived something deeply disturbing or traumatic Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) may be the one therapy that can help you clear your mind and heal the pain.

What makes this method of treatment an excellent choice?

Let’s consider the benefits:

Rapid Resolution Therapy employs innovative research regarding memory reconsolidation

This is breakthrough stuff, to put it mildly.

Why? Because what neuroscientists now know is that we are not stuck with emotional reactions we learned during traumatic events or distressing periods of our lives. In fact, after RRT therapy you will be able to recall such events without experiencing the emotional reaction, the pain or distress. Thereby, negative behavioral and emotional responses can become a thing of the past. You will be able to live your life without being haunted by disturbing memories that constantly intrude. You will have clarity and energy to focus on the things that are important to you.

Genuine relief is possible with the guidance of a certified, experienced RRT therapist. Throughout the RRT process, you will have an opportunity to reconstruct the memory so that it no longer includes the emotional charge.  You will remember what happened, however the emotional turmoil and experience will no longer exist.

Rapid Resolution Therapy is gentle and healing. It does not require you to re-live the distressing event or talk about it in great detail. You will experience peace and calm. In a wholly safe and compassionate manner, you will be taken through the therapy process. Thus, moving toward a marked shift in positivity, energy, and emotional peace.

Rapid Resolution Therapy is accomplished effectively and efficiently: time and discomfort are minimal

On a practical level, RRT happens the best way possible: In a short amount of time with the least amount of pain.

Rapid Resolution Therapy sessions range between 2 to 6 meetings. That’s all!

The focus is not on prolonging treatment, but on providing the most effective relief possible. With a phone consultation to discuss the process and therapy goals, you can start healing right away. The first session usually takes a couple of hours but nothing invasive or painful happens there. You will be guided carefully and likely experience greater clarity and peace immediately or soon thereafter.

In subsequent sessions of an hour or so, you’ll review changes and improvements to your life thoughts and emotions. You can check on other issues you may not have addressed earlier. As you gain clarity, you can determine how much further you want to go. You remain in charge of your therapeutic progress.

Rapid Resolution Therapy is truly transformational: lasting change happens

Studies show that RRT participants are not simply helped by the method, but live a healthier mental and emotional life that is transformed by the work they do with their therapists.

There are a wealth of changes that occur after the RRT sessions that are significant and permanent. Consider the following change indicators supported by neuroscience research on memory reconsolidation:

  • Non-reactivation: Distinct emotional responses can no longer be reactivated by cues and triggers that once aggravated them.

  • Symptom cessation: Behaviors, emotions, bodily sensations, or thought patterns attributed to the trauma permanently disappear.

  • Effortless permanence: Non-recurrence of the emotional reaction and symptoms continues without preventative measures of any kind.

Wouldn’t you like to be free of your anxiety, panic, and traumatic memory? RRT employs neuroscience of the mind and traditional psychotherapy in a groundbreaking way. With your therapist’s help, you can stop your suffering.

Isn’t it time? It would be my pleasure to help, please contact me soon.

Rapid Resolution Therapy

Clear your mind. Change your life.