The Emotional Impact of Trauma: How RRT Helps You Clear Your Mind and Heal the Emotional Response

The worst moments of your life are not easily forgotten. Nor should they be, necessarily. Nor should they be constantly re-lived. To be sure, there may be lessons to learn and growth to be gained. But should you suffer forever from the emotional impact of those moments? Or can you remember without the emotional pain?

The Trouble with Trauma

Traumatic experiences are deeply felt and maintained by the meaning that we have attached to them. These experiences can be activated by triggers such as retelling the story and haunting memories that tend to reoccur. Healing from trauma can seem to be elusive in spite of hoping for it, allowing time to pass and even trying counseling. Many times some of the side effects of trauma develop into other things like: Anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, anger, fear, apprehension and even negative self-talk.

So, it would seem, that a therapy that would be emotionally healing would be ideal. In fact, no longer having to endure the emotion that goes with the event could aid in a better response to new challenges or concerns in the present moment. Instead of reactive behaviors that were learned and developed in an old traumatic past experience.

Rapid Resolution Therapy May Have the Answer: Clear Your Mind-Clear the Painful Emotion

There is a way, however, to soothe you and secure healthier emotional responses grounded in the here and now. And, best of all, you will not have to re-live the trauma experience. In fact that is what your RRT therapist does NOT want you to do.  You can look forward to a process that is healing and affords you peace and calm. RRT won’t continue to exhaust you and exacerbate your pain. Instead you will be able to focus on the present moment, enjoy your life and look forward to a happy future. With RRT, you will be reminded that you are a survivor. You are strong. You lived through it all- on your own. All that’s left to do is to clear your mind of the event.

Generally, talk therapy alone recreates the traumatic event, activating and affecting the nervous system as if the teller is experiencing the trauma all over again. This is often considered a re-traumatizing and excruciating experience for the trauma survivor.

Gratefully, the RRT process appears to offer some respite from that therapy model. RRT clinicians believe that additional emotional pain is not be necessary and is not helpful at all. Through the techniques and procedures of RRT, you can experience lasting relief. You can smile and know that its in the past and you are moving forward.

RRT Heals the Emotional Impact of Trauma

If you decide that Rapid Resolution Therapy is right for you, your therapist will first establish a strong interpersonal connection with you, right away.

Why? This lays a sort of collaborative groundwork; a relaxed, open, accepting non-judgmental relationship that promotes success. This trusting and interactive relationship is reinforced in various ways throughout treatment.

Within the context of those interactions, your therapist may include guided imagery, metaphors, stories and the implementation of various calming techniques that promotes healing and peace.

RRT Gently Restores -So You Can Be You

It’s important to note that we aren’t talking about erasing memories. Your therapist’s goal is to help you heal the emotional response that is causing you so much pain and discomfort. Essentially, the RRT method allows you to clear your mind of the related, painful emotional responses, but not the memory altogether.

Thus, you are able to recall and talk about the event normally, without the taxing, emotionally draining re-experience formerly connected to it. You’ll find that you can relate your story without overreaction, dissociation, or any major upset. It’s as if the trauma simply becomes a historical file in your memory bank. One that you can share calmly and straightforwardly, effectively dissolving the drama surrounding the episode. All in all, an extraordinary mental shift occurs in the brain’s ability to both process the trauma and navigate the present freely. The mind is clear. You feel peace and calm.

RRT Helps Healing Happen in the Mind


RRT connects in a way that soothes the traumatic imprint left in your subconscious mind. Triggers that trip the fight-or-flight response are no longer so sensitive. Obsessive thinking, rumination, and the like, no longer rule the way you function. In addition, current events no longer meld easily with those of the past.

From the start, you may also feel more at peace or encouraged after your RRT sessions. Many participants express a significant decline in trauma related anxiety attacks, nightmares, flashbacks, and more. It is not uncommon for people to see a complete elimination of these symptoms.

RRT is a gentle, respectful and kind treatment. It cares for both the intellectual and emotional aspects of your mind. It is life-changing and time-efficient. You can become “unstuck” from the attitudes and choices that hindered healthy well-being for too long. If you’re ready for this kind of healing, don’t suffer any longer, let’s make change happen.